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28 Edmund Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 1H3416-482-0241info@thecaseforwine.com

About Us


From vine to the bottle, vintners represented by The Case for Wine are intimately involved with their product. Low grape yields, natural and reasonable vineyard management, and manual harvesting practices combined with a respectful approach to terroir ensures the consistent quality of our portfolio of fine wines.

The Case for Wine began in 1999 as Vin Passion, specializing in fine French wine. The agency has since expanded to include wines from all over the world including Spain, Chile, Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Australia, California and New Zealand.

In addition to principals Terry Milne and Lloyd Evans, we have administrative and sales staff in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Much of our success can be attributed to the way we do business.

The Case for Wine has been most innovative in creating new marketing strategies and programs to meet market demands and suit wine styles. We share a passion for wine and spirits and a commitment to the people who produce them.


Our Philosophy

The Case for Wine is an importing and promotional agency representing premium wines and spirits produced largely by independent winemakers and distillers.

  • Our producers are distinguished by their passion for their craft and commitment to superior quality standards.
  • We regularly acquaint in-store product consultants with our wines.
  • We conduct regular in-store staff tastings and work closely with product consultants to answer consumer questions and provide support material.
  • We actively participate in trade fairs, consumer tastings and charity fundraisers.
  • We spend time face-to-face with clients and suppliers, traveling to countries regularly to taste and choose our offerings.
  • Fine restaurants appreciate our personal approach to their success; we analyze menus and propose wines appropriate to cuisine. We provide consulting services where necessary and help build cellar stock. Our wines are visible on numerous wine lists of fine restaurants, private clubs, golf clubs and hotels in Ontario, Manitoba and eastern Canada (including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.)

Our Team

The Case for Wine principals are the husband and wife team of Terry Milne and Lloyd Evans.

Lloyd’s 23 years of retail and purchasing management experience with the Ontario LCBO (especially  in the Vintages division, where he created and managed Vintages Classics Catalogue, Bordeaux Futures and other direct marketing programs) give him a unique perspective in the acquisition and sale of premium products. He’s an expert on Bordeaux, Burgundy and premium spirits. Former LCBO Chairman, Andy Brandt has described Lloyd as one of the two or three top wine experts in Canada. City Bites Magazine’s conclusion: “Evans was the most erudite buyer the LCBO ever had.”  After having taken early retirement from the LCBO in 2002 to form The Case for Wine with his wife and now business partner, Terry, his expertise is now focused on acquiring wines and spirits partners.

Terry’s expertise is in French country wines, especially Languedoc-Roussillon and the Rhone. She compliments Lloyd with more than 20 years of experience in hospitality management, restaurants and catering, and brings a focus to our hospitality buying and offers. Terry works closely with our restaurant clients, helping them to offer fresh, innovative wine lists.