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Our mission was to find an affordable Pinot Noir that we’d be very happy to drink, it needed to have complexity, sensual delicacy, ample amounts of charm and it needed to hold our attention.
There is just something special about Pinot Noir. It’s hard to grow, tricky to ferment, somewhat unstable around bacteria and tends to be lighter in colour than most red varietals. Pinot Noir prefers being handled gently, and it does better without racking. Pinot Noir is capricious, resists consistency from one vintage to the next and changes wildly as it ages. But when it is done right, Pinot Noir exudes a subtle complexity that is unmatched by any other varietal. Even with intense aromas of rose petals, violets or plum, Pinot Noir retains a restrained character that teases the senses.

Introducing La Tene Pinot Noir – IGP Pays D’oc
(South of France in the upper reaches of the Aude river valley)
 $24.95 per bottle – 12 packs
“The 2021 La Tene offers up inviting aromas of cherries, berries, petals and spices, followed by a silky medium bodied texture , velvety and charming palate that’s long and lively, exemplifying the serious Pinot Noir Nerds behind this project, seamless and elegant in style.” The Case For Wine.

The Man behind this new wine:
Mike Stephens was born in Manchester, England in the late 1950’s. After language studies and the discovery of wine at Bradford University, it became evident that he should relocate at the source of the wine that excited him so much – BURGUNDY! In 1980, he journeyed to Beaune and knocked on the doors of famous shippers. Fortunately, Louis Latour was open minded and interviewed him.
A decent level of French and some honest cheek won the day. Mike worked there for 10 years and was able to learn the Burgundy business from the inside. In 1990, he decided to start up an independent Burgundy export merchant and hey Presto! The birth of Vins Divins! Vin Divins is responsible for the distribution of some of the finest Burgundy around the World.

A Bit About Us – Importing Wine Since The Last Century

The Case For Wine has been importing quality artisanal wine for over 20 years. Founded in 1998,  The Case For Wine sells its products through an assortment of channels including LCBO Vintages, LCBO General Products, the Consignment channel, and to private collectors.

In 2017 The Case For Wine was purchased by  Ruben Elmer and Roberto Albis.

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