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How Does Coravin Work?

Unlock the science behind Coravin’s innovative wine preservation systems.
Enjoy a glass without pressure to finish the bottle.

Three Steps to Easy Pouring & Preservation

Don't wait for a special occasion to drink that prized bottle. Using the Coravin Timeless is as easy as insert, tip, pour. Have one glass today and another in a week, a month, or even years to come.

Step 1: Insert

Push down firmly until the needle is fully inserted.

Step 2: Tip & Pour

Tilt the bottle until the spout is over the glass. Press the trigger and release to pour.

Step 3: Remove

Remove the system by pulling upward until the needle is removed.

Coravin Argon Capsules: Safeguarding Flavor

Preserving wine with argon, a method even utilized by winemakers, guarantees no alteration to the wine's taste since argon is an inert gas. The Coravin Timeless or Pivot system employs this gas to replace the bottle's internal air, creating a protective shield between the remaining wine and any oxygen present. Thus, when you pour a glass from a bottle preserved with Coravin, you experience the wine just as the winemaker intended — whether that is freshly opened or perfectly aged.

Coravin Needles are the pinnacle of Coravin tech

The Coravin needle is a pivotal element of the Coravin Timeless wine preservation system, meticulously crafted to both pierce and protect the integrity of your wine cork. This slender, hollow needle, constructed from non-stick coated stainless steel, not only facilitates hundreds of effortless pours but also ensures a seamless resealing of the cork upon extraction, safeguarding the wine’s longevity and preserving its flavors and aromas for the long term.

Aerate as you pour

Aeration opens up the wine’s flavors and makes it overall more enjoyable. With Coravin’s Timeless and Pivot Aerators you can yiled a silky, smooth, aromatic glass of wine, equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes.

Uncover the Best Coravin Device for you

Whether you're a wine lover or a bubbly enthusiast, our device elevates your drinking experience and keeps your wine fresh for weeks, months, or even years to come.

Preserve for weeks

Best for everyday wines with any type of closure that will be enjoyed over a few days or weeks.

Preserve for Years

Best for wines with natural corks or screw tops that you want to last for months or even years.

Preserve Sparkling

Best for Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and Sparkling wines.

10 Ways Coravin will revolutionize the way you drink wine

  1. Savor any wine, any day, without pressure to finish the bottle.
  2. Keep wine, save cash. No more wasting.
  3. Drink in moderation.
  4. Indulge in fine wines without fear of wasting.
  5. Navigate your collection, picking the perfect pour each time.
  6. Every meal can be paired with the ideal wine.
  7. You savor red, they relish white; no compromises.
  8. Serve each guest's favorite, regardless of opened bottles.
  9. Elevate your recipes with top tier wines.
  10. Enjoy sparkling today, and still fresh in 4 weeks.