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Coravin Pivot +, Black

Sale price$199.00

The Pivot™+ Wine Preservation System combines preservation with aeration, delivering a more aromatic and flavorful wine as you pour with the included Pivot Aerator attachment. The remaining wine is then preserved for up to 4 weeks, ensuring a fresh-tasting glass when you are ready for it. Match your wine to your mood, dinner courses, or the weather, the choice is yours.

What's Included:
Pivot Device (1)

Use the Pivot Device in conjunction with Pivot™ Stoppers to pour and preserve wine for up to 4 weeks.
Pivot Aerator (1)
The Pivot Aerator attachment allows you to aerate wines in seconds as you pour them.
Pivot Stoppers (2)
Replace the cork or screw cap of your wine bottle with a Pivot™ Stopper.
Coravin Pure 21 ml Argon Capsules (2)
Coravin Pure Capsules are filled with pure Argon gas, manufactured and inspected to ensure the highest level of preservation with no impact to the taste of your wine.

Coravin Pivot +, Black
Coravin Pivot +, Black Sale price$199.00